It was a great event in 2023 and now Italy is also on board with one stage of the King of Snow series. At Passo San Pellegrino Europes Skibike, Snowscoot, 3-Ski and Stuntscoot elite will fight for the Italien title and point for the Cup win. A prize money will be issued and material prizes can be won. Also the organizers will offer accomodation packages soon. To register please follow the button/ link below.


For the "King of Snow Race Deal" for accomodation please buy the product below. It includes two nights with breakfast close to the race track.

Accomodation Italy Passo San Pellegrino "King of Snow Deal"

Includes 2 Nights 8th and 9th March 2024 including breakfast. The hotel is close to the race track.

Form the hotel please see: Hotel Moena 2 Stelle - Alberghi 2 Stelle Val di Fassa | Hotel Bucaneve (


110,00 €

  • Available
  • sending out ID cards after receiving payment
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