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Also in 2024 the, meanwhile, legendary Skibike meerting at the Hochkeil ( 5505 Mühlbach am Hochkönig in Salzburg/ Austria) will take place.

We will ride together, test the newest gear from different manufacturers, race to see who will become the King of Snow in Austria and enjoy the Freestyle Show where we will see the best tricks ever. The race will be one of the King of Snwo Euro Cup Series and nice prize money will be issued!


1st place 800 EUR

2nd 300 EUR

3rd 100 EUR plus material prizes!


Winner of the Freestyle contest will get 300 EUR plus material prizes!


Altpough it is a serious race we really wnat to state that we are really happy to have everyone joing us. Please some to the start to show the world that Skibike racing is becoming a great sport. 

The detailed event programm will be listed here (with all the evening happenings) on 3rd January.

Due that we wnat the community to stay togehter (and also because accomodation is short at this time) we recommend to book at the simple but nice accomodatio/ youth hostel There are beds available from 19th to 21st. If you want to come earlier please writen an email to 

Registration EUSA Cup Race Austria Hochkönig

With buying this product you register for the 4-Cross Race on 20th January. All gear with at least two skis and a handle bar is permitted. Such as Skibikes, Snowscoots, Skibobs, converted Stunt Scoots, 3-Skis. 

25,00 €

  • Available
  • sending out ID cards after receiving payment

Information Austria Race

Freestyle Contest 20th January

With buying this product you register for the Freestyle competition. Best trick will win a sicj prize! The registration is free of charge. But please do only register if you really intend to be part of it. It will be on a Bike-Style Kicker with a distance of 7 meter to landing. 

0,00 €

  • Available
  • sending out ID cards after receiving payment
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