Board members


Gregor Schuster

Born 1975 in Austria

Skibiker since 1995

Vice President

Timo Schmid

Born 1972

Königsbrunn, Germany

Skibiker since AGES....

Board Member

Mark Kinnon

Born 1965 in United Kingdom

                   Skibiker since 2008

Country Representative - Finland

Mika Rautio (nominated by MK)


Country Representative - France

Cedric Sabatte (nominated by GS)


Country Representative - Germany

Timo Schmidt (nominated by MK)

Country Representative - Greece

Ioannis Marinos (nominated by MK)

Country Representative - Italy

Alessandro Mauri (nominated by GS)



Country Representative - Romania & Bulgaria

Clive Sheppard (nominated by MK)

Country Representative - Spain

Position vacant - please send us your nominations

Country Representative - Switzerland

Dennis Rutting (nominated by GS)

Country Representative - United Kingdom

Position vacant - please send us your nominations


Founded on the 12th November 2014 these are still early days and we are permanetly looking for new board members and helping hands. People who share our enthusiasm for skibikes and skibiking and have the passion and drive to voluntary help growing our sport.

Statuten EUSA Nov 2014.pdf
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Why Allow SkiBiking At Your Ski Area -AS
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