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15.01.2022 EUSA 2022 Championships, 29.01.22 Croatia Skibike Meeting, 18.02.22 Nightrun Lichtenstein...

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Skibiking is one of the fastest growing Alpine winter sports. It has a long history and has developed its own race events enjoyed by riders and spectators all over Europe.


This association will become the central communication point for all skibike enthusiasts in Europe.



We aim to develop the sport of skibiking and to spread the idea and spirit of skibiking as widely as possible.

We intend for this association to be a democratic representation of the many different types of skibike and styles of skibiking.


To provide an information platform for all who want to know about skibiking.


To provide governing bodies with safety information and standard practices to make skibiking a widely accepted and safe sport.


To spread the spirit of skibiking all over Europe.


  • It is the perfect way to enjoy time in the mountains with friends 
  • It is a great way to chill out and escape the rat race
  • It is an engaging and stimulating way to enjoy time on the snow
  • Everyone learns quickly and can be having fun after just a few hours of training
  • It has such wide appeal to so many different types of people

  • It is a great alternative Alpine sport where; disability, physical fitness, age or injury has become a barrier
  • If you know how to ride a regular bike, it makes the world of winter sports immidiately accessible