Finally there is an interactive map now showing skibikefreindly resorts in Europe. Everybody is able to update it. Login to Google and then go to the map. Please add resorts where you were riding and were welcome with your Skibike (Type 2 - WITHOUT foot skis). To get to the map please press the buttom below


Es gibt nun eine interaktive Karte mit den Skibike-freundlichen Skigebieten in Europa. Jeder kann hier noch Skigebiete hinzufügen, in denen er/sie mit einem Skigebiet Typ2 (also OHNE Fußskiern gefahren) willkommen war. Bitte auf Google einloggen und die Karte aufrufen, dann kann man hinzufügen. Danke! Der unten stehende Link führt zur Karte.


17th December 2014 - The European Skibike Association becomes a formally registered Club with all rights and powers.


18th September 2015 - We will have a test Center for Skibobs and Skibikes at the Stuhleck/ Spital am Semmering ( where you can hire Skobobs, adapted Skibobs (for Persons with Special Needs) and Skibikes at a discounted price ( at the bottom of the Familien Lift ). Special rates for members!!! 50% Off


29th September 2015 - As a member of the Vieneese Skibob Association (Wiener Skibob Verband) we received a first financial government support which we will use for a Promotion Event at our new base camp - Stuhleck Semmering - a date will be announced soon!


23rd October 2015 - The EUSA Facebook Group is created. Connect with us! Click --->  HERE  <---


3rd November 2015 - The EUSA on-line shop is opened with instant "click to buy" membership


10th November 2015 - The First EUSA Skibike Meeting is announced for 8-10 January 2016

11th November 2015 - Country representative nominated for Romania & Bulgaria

Statuten EUSA Nov 2014.pdf
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Why Allow SkiBiking At Your Ski Area -AS
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