Official Skibike Resorts

The following is a list of ski resorts who have stated officially that Skibikes are welcome.

It is still possible that there are certain lift facilities in these areas which you may not allowed to use. Allways check with the appropriate tourist office for confirmation before booking your holiday or making a first visit.




General Information for Austria:


From BMVIT (Ministry of Transport in Austria) and WKO - department "Seilbahnen" we have received information that, in general, Skibikes are allowed on Austrian slopes. Lift transportation is a different story. All gondolas and cabin lifts are permitted. Those chair lifts permitted to transport pedestrians are also allowed to transport Skibikers. All chair lifts with no ramp or stairs for pedestrians are not permitted by law to transport Skibikers.

Although permitted, you may still be refused permission to use a chairlift without further explanation, ultimately, it is the decision and the responsibility of the facility manager on the day. All drag lifts are, in general, prohibited because we do not have gliding devices strapped to our feet. We will discuss this with regulatory bodies soon, because it is not a defendable argument. We never experienced any issues, especially when we had a device with us which could release in case of a crash.


RESORTS: - all chair lifts except "Steinbachalmbahn" - cabin lift only "Kabinenbahn" - all lift facilities on the glacier - on drag lifts ask for a safety lift device (emergency release)  - no details about lift facilities, but in general no problem





General Information for France:


At most resorts you won't be allowed to use the drag lifts, but many chairlifts and most cable cars are fine. It is highly likely that you will be required to wear a safety leash whilst using a chairlift, to avoid any possibility of dropping your skibike onto the pistes below. You are not normally required to wear the leash whilst skibike riding, nor is it recommended (when you crash, you are likely to travel far further downhill than your skibike ever will).


In the larger resorts the lift operator will check to see if your skibike is type approved, i.e. it is from a recognised commercial operation and not home made. Some skibike conversion kits are now covered by this type approval certificate or AVEL. The AVEL system is maintained by the Service Technique des Remontées Mécaniques et des Transports Guidés, which is the organisation that represents all of the lift operating companies in France and is more commonly known by its acronym STRMTG.
One of the STRMTG's many administrative tasks, is to maintain a type approval system for "baggage" that covers not only skibikes, but a huge range of both summer and winter mountain toys.

As of the 203/14 season, the following skibikes and conversion kits are AVEL certified:

  • Brenter Snowbike
  • Winter X Bike (Now sold as Alpine SkiBikes conversion kit)
  • Firem VS
  • ATSB (Thierry Avrillon)
  • SledgeHammer
  • Gigantic (Conversion kit)

Note that there are also a couple of ski trikes and lots of SnowScoot models on the list too.

The full list in pdf format is available from the STRMTG website, as the name and location of this list changes from year to year, contact us if you would like to know where to find the current one. Furthermore, it would appear that once a skibike is on the list, it is automatically included on the following year's publication.




Auron and Isola 2000 - all the chairlifts and cable cars

Ax Les Thermes - unconfirmed access

Avoriaz - all the chairlifts and cable cars

Carroz - all the chairlifts and cable cars

Col de la Faucille - all the chairlifts

Combloux - all the chairlifts

Courchevel - all the chairlifts and cable cars

Crest Voland - foot ski skibob and SnowScoot only

La Dole - detachable chairlift only

Grand Bornand - selected chairlifts and cable cars, plus special skibike chairlift and green run for novices

Hirmentaz-Les Habères - all the chairlifts

Les Houches - all the chairlifts and cable cars (take caution - some very steep slopes unsuitable for novices)

Massif des Brasses - the Chenevieres detachable chairlift above the village of Onnion is recommended (others are very fast and small) others permitted

Morzine - restricted access to one cable car

Le Crozet and Lelex - all the chairlifts and cable cars

La Pierre Saint Martin - unconfirmed access
Meribel - selected chairlifts and all cable cars

Pras de Lys Sommand - all the chairlifts (most are fast and small, use caution)

Risoul - unconfirmed access

Valmorel - all the chairlifts and cable cars

Val Thorens - selected chairlifts and all cable cars