Skibike manufacturers and similar equipment


Skibike manufacturers


Alpine Skibikes                                 / USA, NEVADA

Avalanche Skibikes                         / GREECE - 10% Discount for EUSA members!

Bullskate                                           / SWITZERLAND 

Firem VS                                            / FRANCE

KOSKI Skibikes                                / USA, CALIFORNIA 

Lenz Sport                                        / USA, COLORADO

NISM Snowbikes                            / USA, UTAH

Schneehirsch                                  / GERMANY

Sledgehammer Skibikes              / AUSTRIA - 10% Discount for EUSA members!

Gigantic Conversion Kits             / Czech Republic


Manufacturers of Skibobs

Our definition is that a Skibike is used without foot skis

vs. a Skibob which is ridden with them.

But for sure all riders are welcome at the EUSA!


Stalmach Skibobs

Brenter SnowbikesSledgehammer Skibikes




Manufacturers of other similar gear


3-Ski                                                / New Zealand

Snowscoot                                      / France

Sogo                                               / US/Germany







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