We have created a race cup series for all riders of alternative winter sports.  We welcome all winter fun sports equipment! Skibikes, Snowscoots, 3-Skis, Skibobs come all together and face the challenge. It will be held for the first time in the coming winter 2022/2023. The Cup series consists of 4 races held in 4 countries. There will be ONE strike result. The title of European Champion will also be awarded over all starters aprticipating at least at three of four races with the highest scorre achieved! 

Race regelement: 3 to 4 persons will start on one track with a starting gate in a knockout system. The race will be limited to 100 starters. The course resembles a boarder-cross course with steep turns and jumps. However, all jumps are designed in such way, that they can be skied out! So jumping over is not necessary. The race will be about technique and gliding, skillful overtaking and insane speeds! Although everybody will be able and is really welcome to start!

On top we will have a Freestyle-contest at each race where riders can use different gear and show theír best trick!


For registration, please select a race (blue buttons above) ! For each race you must register individually. 30€ entry fee per race!                             

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Why Allow SkiBiking At Your Ski Area -AS
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