17th December 2014 - The European Skibike Association becomes a formally registered Club with all rights and powers.


18th September 2015 - We will have a test Center for Skibobs and Skibikes at the Stuhleck/ Spital am Semmering (www.stuhleck.at) where you can hire Skobobs, adapted Skibobs (for Persons with Special Needs) and Skibikes at a discounted price ( at the bottom of the Familien Lift ). Special rates for members!!! 50% Off


29th September 2015 - As a member of the Vieneese Skibob Association (Wiener Skibob Verband) we received a first financial government support which we will use for a Promotion Event at our new base camp - Stuhleck Semmering - a date will be announced soon!


23rd October 2015 - The EUSA Facebook Group is created. Connect with us! Click --->  HERE  <---


3rd November 2015 - The EUSA on-line shop is opened with instant "click to buy" membership


10th November 2015 - The First EUSA Skibike Meeting is announced for 8-10 January 2016

11th November 2015 - Country representative nominated for Romania & Bulgaria